• La Siesta Aventura Weather-Resistant Double Hammock - Canyon Brown


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 In the AVENTURA weatherproof double hammock, you can relax and watch the breeze rustle through the treetops

Bamboo is weatherproof and can be left outside all summer without compromising its stability

Certified cotton according to OE 100 Standard This product is manufactured from organic cotton and has been certified in compliance with the criteria of the Organic Exchange 100 standard

Developed in co-operation with the BAG This product was developed in cooperation with the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise BAG in Wiesbaden

FSC -Licence Code CO12427 Integrated safety swivel Another great detail developed and patented by LA SIESTA is the integrated safety swivel for increased safety and comfort

It enables rotation around your own axis without overwinding the suspension ropes

It is optimised for the special needs of children of the age of 3 and older

Its dark colour which is a visual highlight as well is achieved by a special heating process called caramelisation

LA SIESTA hammock chairs for children are recommended by theFederal German Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise BAG .Bamboo spreader bar The spreader bar is made of cultivated bamboo

LA SIESTA hammock chairs provide an integrated safety swivel, which makes the product more robust and ensures a safe turning and rotating in the chair

Machine washable at 30 C 86 F gentle cycle

Machine-washable Detachable cloth

Reinforced edges make the material extremely tear-resistant

Responsible forestry The FSC logo guarantees that the wood used in a product has been produced in compliance with the strict rules of the Forest Stewardship Council from sowing the tree via several processing steps up to the final product

Tearproof selvage The two borders of the lying surface feature a particularly tight weave

Tested by T V Products which carry this logo have been tested and certified by T V-Rheinland

Thanks to its production in high quality plate technology, it has an exceptionally robust structure and a comfortably smooth surface

Thanks to the soft swinging that hammock chairs for children provide, your child s sense of balance is promoted as well as the general development

Thanks to this robust surface, exceptional stability is guaranteed

The AVENTURA is made in Colombia of weatherproof, fast-drying HamacTex

The cotton is not grown from genetically engineered seeds and was cultivated without using chemicals

The large number of cords ensures optimal weight distribution and incredible comfort, as well as durability

Therefore they comply with the high demands of this technical supervisory board